Saturday, June 06, 2009

Looking for a New Place to Live in San Francisco

I’ve renamed my landlord Cunty McCunterson. "Why?" you ask. Well, it’s because I hate her. Just like i hate cunts.

Seriously though, bitch is nuts. She complains about everything. And I mean everything. From leaving the heat on to me leaving for work at 6AM. She’s even entered my apartment twice now without giving me 24 hours notice. And I’ve simply had enough.

I met with the tenants union and I can pretty much leave at any time, on account of I’m living in an illegal in-law unit. She pretty much has no rights. So that’s good.

The problem is that now I have to find a new place to live. I found a place over in the Lower Haight that is nice and cheap for San Francisco. The two guys I’d be living with seem really cool - definitely good to live with. The only issue is that I’m not crazy about the idea of living in the Lower Haight, even though the apt and roommates seem ideal. I went and saw another place in the neighborhood I’m in now (which I love) and the place was nice and the location was awesome. Rent was a little high, but not bad. The only thing is that I wasn’t crazy about the girl that’d be my roommate. She didn’t seem bad, per se. But she likes wine, dyes her hair blonde, wears pointy shoes. You know - a girl. I’m sure we’d get along and stuff. But I’m just not sure how "fun" it’d be, even though I don’t think it’d be unbearable.

So basically I’m looking for some sign. I know the *most* logical thing to do is to keep looking. But it’s a tight market out here. And I really want to get out of the shit-situation I’m in. Plus, it’s hard to find a place that will also take Fatty cat.

So it’s not like I have lots and lots of options.

So don’t fucking tell me to keep looking, ok? Fine. But I’m torn - live in a less than ideal situation in a neighborhood I absolutely love?

Or live in what seems like a pretty great situation in a neighborhood I don’t particularly love?

Hurry up and tell me what to do already, send me a sign.